The Sunrise…

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

About a month into our relationship, Stephanie and I rode with Donna & Neal up to Hampton Beach, along the Atlantic Coast in Massachusetts/New Hampshire to view a sunrise. We got up insanely early and we trekked along the backroads from Haverhill to the beach in the dark. Out on the beach we sat wrapped in blankets and towels and watched that sun rise up from the horizon and then we went back to our Cluster House and went to sleep.

I had felt there was something different about our relationship from almost the very beginning, but sitting out there on the sand with Stephanie that morning I think it must’ve occurred to me that this was the most adult, most mature relationship I’d ever been in. I mean, I’m sure people less mature than I was and even younger than I was had gone out and watched the sunrise with their significant others, but the day seemed something of a turning point to me.

We went back to the Cluster and went to sleep shortly after we saw that sun rise and a couple of hours later Stephanie woke me up and we took a shower together, went back into my bedroom (Russel wasn’t there) and then everything changed. I’m not going to get into details. You know what I mean.

These early moments of our relationship were beautiful and awkward and unlike anything I’d experienced up to that point and unliked anything I’ve experienced since.