Southryn Comfort

Tonight I went on up to Haverhill to see the band Southryn Comfort (fronted by my good friend Chris Larsen) play a gig to help out Amesbury City Counselor and former Bradfordite Roger Benson. Larsen and the rest of the exceptionally talented band belted out southern rock gems for the better part of two hours (not counting a short break) and generally, a good time was had by all.

Larsen was in his element up there on stage. I’ve seen him in stage plays. I even saw him do stand-up once. But never have I seen him so comfortable on stage, so just fit for the role he was playing. The band was tight, just right on, and that gave Chris the chance to show off his stuff. Their rendition of “Fortunate Son” was a definite highlight, Larsen offering up a moderately angrier version of the vocal that what we’re all used to.

Many a friendly, long-lost Bradford face was in the crowd. There was Larsen of course and Chill Bill and Counselor Benson (formerly one-half of the infamous Bradford musical duo The Tigh and Rog Blues Experience), and David was there and even good ole Peter made a brief appearance. There were at least a dozen others I was aquaintances with at one time or another, whose names I couldn’t remember. (And speaking of not remembering names, Roger and Chill Bill didn’t really recognize me when I came in, thanks to my haircut (which I didn’t think was that drastic) and it wasn’t until Larsen came up that everyone was sure it was me).

The vibe was excellent, the drinks were good, and the music was smoking. After a long week at work and at working on (which I hope to relaunch tomorrow sometime) it was just what I needed. My clothes all reek of bar stench (that particular combination of lingering cigarette smoke and spilled alcohol that just defies description) but it was worth to see my buddy rock out and for the chance to say “Hi” to some old faces. I only wish Stephanie hadn’t been so busy with school work that she could have come. That would have made the whole thing just fucking perfect.