The Speedwrite Commandments

Stephanie took a few hours away from writing papers so we could visit my family for Easter Sunday at my parents’ house. We had a good meal and lots of good conversation, a great portion of it focused on our desire to build a house on a parcel of my parents’ property if the town and the neighbors will allow it. I was a nice, relaxing day and that’s really all you can ask for on a spring Sunday.

I had hoped to launch the new version of this weekend but Stef needed the computer much more than I did with two papers coming due this week for classes she’s taking in pursuit of her Master’s degree. I will attempt to get to it tomorrow after work, but Monday is a workout day and I did buy weights this weekend to add to my routine, so we’ll see how it goes.

The day at my parents’ house more than made up for any missed opportunities in the productivity department though. It’s always nice to see family and play around with kids and hear about graduation plans and new engagements. And of course it’s always nice to pig out on sweets, something Stephanie and I keep ourselves from religiously when we’re at home.

And then it’s nice to come home and just relax away for the last couple hours of the day. I did sketch outlines for the screenplay I’ve been working on with JonMartin and for the comic book script I’m working on, but then Stef and I just watched a couple of documentaries on TLC and now we’re getting ready for bed.

All in all, it twas a good day.