More Froofy Drinks

Just as I was about to sit down and be content to finish off my evening with a hearty round of Madden 2003, Tiff called me up and asked if I wanted to go out for a couple of drinks. Having survived the week with all of my braincells intact, I couldn’t refuse the offer, and hence we went forth and frolicked the the Tyngsboro, MA/Nashua, NH border and had frozen strawberry margheritas at the appropriately named Mexican eating establishment, On The Border.

Tiff had just finished working on an end-of-semester project and had a whole weekend of schoolwork ahead of her and I had a to-do list a mile long to tackle. Drinks were definitely a good idea, seeing as we’d probably both be spending the balance of our weekends alone in our homes doing work. Stef was at class tonight and she’ll be at class most of the weekend so I figured I best take my chance to engage in social activity while it was there.

The day leading up to this frolicking was not particularly stressful. I ate lunch early with Jody and Scott and Scott’s brother (who met us there) at Bamboo, the Chinese restaurant we’ve been frequenting as of late. The buffet was predictably good and though we were done with lunch an hour and a half before I usually leave to take mine, all was well. We had plenty of other activities to break up the remainder of the day.

A company is coming in to recarpet a portion of our office on Monday so shortly after lunch a bunch of us helped move shit out of that side of the office. That took up some time. The rest of my day I spent making phone calls, not exactly my favorite job in the world, but I did manage to close the loop with several customers who’d expressed interest in training through our company but who had never followed through.

After work I came home and exercized. After that I ordered a pepporoni calzone from a place down the street and I watched a half-hour special on basketball player Allen Iverson on ESPN Classic. And then Tiff called.

Don’t you just love these whole-day recap entries?