Feeling Supersonic, Gimme A Gin & Tonic

I watched way too much of the NFL Draft today and crossed far too few items off my to-do list. I hope to rectify that problem tomorrow, but the Draft continues until Sunday afternoon, and as I was thoroughly engrossed in the wheelings and dealings I won’t count my chickens or any other proverbial livestock just yet.

I did come up with a slew of marketing ideas for the book but now the real trick is getting them into a cohesive plan. It would all be so much simpler if you all just started telling all your friends to buy it. Think about it. Together we could rule the world! Bwah-ha-ha!!!


Aside from watching the draft and doing some marketing brainstorming, I did the laundry and played a couple video games, and finished up the merchandaise subsite at Clarkwoods.com. I still have writing, a little drawing, and a heap of planning to do before the weekend is out.

I do hate this feeling I get on Saturday night’s lately where Sunday just seems hopeless to me and it already feels like the weekend is fucking over. I need to get over that crap.