Ice Skating (or lack thereof)

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

At some point during Spring Break of our Junior year, Stacey, Prok, Stephanie, and I got together for an afternoon. Our first stop was an ice skating rink in Lowell, MA where I didn’t skate. Our second stop was a pet store in Salem, NH where we didn’t buy the dogs we pet. And later, Stef and I made a third stop in the parking lot of Aldersgate Church in Chelmsford, MA where I used to attend Boy Scouts, but this night partook in activities very un-Boy Scout like.

We must begin with the ice-skating because that’s where we went first. I wasn’t having any of it, I must let you know. The others were super-psyched to be going, but me, I had never done any skating, ice or otherwise. Yeah, I know you’d imagine I would have skated at least once during the heap of my misspent youth hanging out at Roller Kingdom, but I never did.

After the ice skating we might have gone out for lunch, but I can’t remember where. This may have been the day when we went to Friendly’s in Chelmsford Center and my family’s dog just happened to wander by the window. Either Stacey, or Stephanie, or Jason pointed out a black coated dog dragging a broken chain behind him and I think Stephanie said, “That looks like your dog.” And then I said, “That is my dog.” They asked if I was going to do anything about it and I said, “No. He’ll find his way home eventually.” My family lived just down the street after all.

After lunch, whether it was that particular lunch I just recounted or some other lunch, we went up to Salem, NH (about forty-five minutes north) to a pet store that allowed you to play with the dogs. They were all cute and we wanted to take one (or more) with us but we didn’t.

At some point we all parted ways, except for Stephanie and I, and then Stef and I drove around for a while, eventually ending up in the parking lot of Aldersgate Church, where I used to attend Boy Scout meetings. There was some making out, if I recall correctly, but nothing too serious. Eventually some oncoming lights scared us away, and that was that.