Looking For A Better Copy

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

Stef needed a better copy of the song she was dancing too in her upcoming solo and so we set out for the Peabody/Salem, MA area, which is the closest place we knew of that had a Borders Books & Music store. The copy she had for her piece was an old tape and she wanted something clearer. It was a classical piece, so any old Newbury Comics was probably not going to have it.

I recall us looking in that store for quite some time before she found the CD, which had a yellowish-white cover with the pianist who performed on the album smiling brightly. I don’t know that it was a perfect match, but she was fed up with looking so we just settled on it.

In later weeks we would bring the CD into the radio station at Bradford to make a good copy of it, since both of our boombox-style stereos produced very poor quality tapes. That was kind of awkward because we had to sneak it in there when not many people were listening to the station. The only way I knew how to record it was by playing it over the air.

I think I preempted the broadcast with a little message to all those expecting the alterna-rock playlist to continue uninterrupted and then we did the dubbing.

Of course, very few people listened to the radio station at Bradford, so it’s entirely possible nobody ever fucking noticed.