Two Years Gone By…

Perhaps because we had a wedding that most people who attended still consider the best and most fun wedding they’ve ever been to, perhaps because of that we are destined to live through a lifetime of relatively unromantic anniversaries. Last year we spent two hours of our first anniversary being interrogated by U.S. Customs. This year we each spent the day at work and then two hours at dinner, talking about the future, which is never an easy subject nowadays.

We did enjoy each other’s company though and we are still very much in love. I really can’t complain about life when I have such an amazing woman to share it with. I just wish that some of the magic of that day two years ago would carry over annually. It would be nice to relive just a bit of that amazing day each year.

The nice thing is that we are in the midst of planning a vacation for the end of May, a trip to Nova Scotia that has materialized quite quickly over the last couple weeks. Both of us have always wanted to go up there and see the beautiful countryside. I have a side-interest in wanting to explore my family’s roots up there, but that’s just an extra added bonus.

I wish we had been able to do more today than simply go out to eat at Bugaboo Creek in Methuen. I wish we had thought to take the day off for ourselves. I do wish all those things, but there’s always next year.