Friday Night Froof

I didn’t get to leave work until 5:30 this afternoon because there was a temp working down my end of the office and I was the last one down there, so I had to wait until he was gone before I could lock up and leave. Hence, I didn’t get to exercise this afternoon. Instead, I came home and played Madden 2003 and watched my superstar running back Dan Smith chaulk up a record 350 yards rushing in a single game.

After that I cooked dinner while Stephanie cleaned dishes and then I went out for drinks with Tiff while Stef worked on homework. This being the second Friday in a row that Tiff and I frolicked out for drinks at On The Border, I decided to dub our now semi-regular pre-weekend event “Friday Night Froof” after the particular type of drinks we seem to always order.

The really funny portion of the day occurred earlier though, when a girl that I used to go to high school with came in for a job interview at work. Earlier in the week, one of my coworkers, the one who would be conducting the interview, asked if I was familiar with a particular name. I said that I was and he told me she was coming in for an interview.

When my coworkers and I came back from lunch at Chili’s (it has been far too long since I experienced the greatness that is Chili’s Chicken Crispers meal) this girl was pulling into the parking lot. The coworker who would be conducting the interview wondered aloud if that girl might be his interview. Knowing her face, I said that it was. My coworker, being a weirdo, rushed around to the side of the car and introduced himself, never explaining to the nervous and unsuspecting girl how the hell he know who she was.

I’m not sure how the interview went, but that incident left me laughing the rest of the afternoon. I never even got to say “hi” to the girl and explain what had just happened out in the parking lot. It was just fucking funny though.