I accomplished several things today before finally getting to see the movie I’ve been dying to see for months, the movie that, dare I say it, I’ve wanted to see ten times more than any silly Matrix sequels. First, I went to Vitamin World and bought the supplements I’ve been putting off buying for months because those places make me crazy. Then, Stef and I drove south of Boston, just to drive back north so we could drive through the new underground portion of Interstate 93. And finally, I finished the entries of February 1998, which seemed like it must’ve been the busiest month of my life.

The reward for all of this was that I got to spend two hours in the movie theater in Methuen, MA with my wife watching the best damn comic book movie ever made, X2.

All other comic book movies, and all other sci-fi franchises for that matter, should take notice. X2, if a film could have a mutant power, would have the power to raise the bar so fucking high no comic book or sci-fi film will ever top it in terms of the sheer contentment it brings the viewer. Once again, the creative forces behind this franchise took some of the most prevalent themes of the 30-year old comic series, put their own subtle spin on them, and made a film I could go back and watch again three or four times in a row without getting tired.

The original X-Men film was just an appetizer. It introduced the characters, the major conflict between the factions of mutantkind, and placed it all in a world we could believe. X2 picks up where the first left off, and from the opening sequence to the final shot (and oh, what a final shot it was…) it feels like the comics I grew up on, but done in a way that my wife, whose never read the comic at all, could get into just as much.

I’m gushing, I know. It’s just that kind of movie.

Now it’s time for bed though. If you’ve seen the film, feel free to disagree with me. If not, go see it and come back here to post your thoughts.