The Roommate Controversy

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

From the moment she moved in with us in September, Stephanie’s roommate had been bitchy and disruptive. When we all agreed to live together the previous spring, Stephanie’s roommate had been a nice Asian girl the rest of my housemates were friendly with. When that nice Asian girl couldn’t afford to come back in the Fall, we ended up with a girl who had no respect for Stephanie and no respect for the rest of us.

The shit hit the fan when we returned from winter break and the girl had put up two shower curtains to split up the room, without ever speaking to Stephanie about it. She and her boyfriend had been disrespectful and run around like the owned the place from day one, but this was the last straw.

Eventually, a meeting was called to discuss this roommate moving out. That was the idea. There was no way that Stephanie was moving out, no way that she had caused any of the trouble. At least that’s the way the rest of the house saw it. I was impartial at this time, trying to play Devil’s advocate and see both sides of the story. There was a real possibility that maybe Stephanie was partially at fault.

As we debated up on the top floor of the Cluster house, in the common area between Jimmy and Dan’s room and Stephanie’s room. I listened to both sides. I didn’t immediately blame the whole situation on the bitchy girl. Stephanie, for some reason, appreciated that I didn’t immediately jump to conclusions.

I thought I remembered this whole thing much more clearly, but apparently I don’t. All I know is that the girl eventually moved out and nobody else moved in, until Prok lived with us for a while and stayed up there. Once the girl was gone, everyone was much happier.