More Bagels

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

We woke up, had some more of the tasty, warm bagels that Kerry’s Mom had brought us, and by midday we were all hugging goodbye in the front yard of Kerry’s house on Long Island. Prok, Louann, and I got into Prok’s car and headed back towards Massachusetts. Rachael, Jason, and Amanda got a ride from Kerry into the city and headed back in their own directions.

Early road conversation centered on how long it would be till Amanda and Jason broke up once and for all. The unpleasantness of their relationship had been the major downer of our three days in New York and we wondered if they would kill each other on the bus home.

Mostly, I read from Aerosmith’s Walk This Way autobiography in the backseat and listened to Louann and Prok’s occasional conversations. Once in a while I grabbed a bagel out of one of the ziplock bags Kerry’s Mom had provided us with.

When we made it back to Prok’s house early that evening, Louann and I said goodbye to him and then I drove Louann back to Haverhill, back to the hotel where she would be starting a shift right away. I said goodbye to her and then stopped by at Blockbuster to say “Hi” to Jimmy. Jimmy and I planned to do something before school started up again and then I went home.