Nutty Smutty Slutty

I slept in and I think a big part of that was my lack of desire to do laundry and groceries this morning. I knew they probably needed to get done and I knew Stef would be too busy working on her paper to do either chore, so I spent as much time in and out of dreamland as my bladder would allow. When I couldn’t hold it anymore I finally got up.

After a little television watching and analysis of our laundry and grocery situation, I determined my best course of action would be to go out and buy the couple office supplies Stef needed, grab a couple of new shirts for work, and buy the couple groceries we needed all in one trek out into the world. It took me a little bit longer than I would have liked and cost me much more than I would have liked, but by one o’clock I was back in the apartment with lunch for Stef and I.

In the early afternoon I worked on finishing up the journal entries for 1998. After I finished that, I hollered a big “Woo hoo” because I’d finally finished writing what I’d expected would only take me two weeks. My schedule at the beginning of the year was to write a year’s worth of entries every two weeks for the duration of the year and finish writing the whole story of my life by New Years.

It’s May 4 and I’ve only just finished writing 1998. I’m a little behind.

After the writing I fell asleep on the couch watching JFK. After JFK, Stef and I went out to get dinner at Boston Market. After dinner I sat down and did a drawing for JonMartin. He’s producing a show over in England and they needed a drawing for their poster. I’ve been slacking off on this for too long but I’m really happy with the results. I just have to scan it in and get it off to him.