The toilet paper at work is some of the thinnest, roughest stuff ever to cross my ass. Today I discovered this toilet paper’s brand name is Eversoft. EVERSOFT?!? This stuff reminds me of the tracing paper I used to doodle on in kindergarten. When I saw that word on the toilet paper today, and when I told a coworker of my discovery, I was tempted to add, “What a crock of shit.”

I laughed, but I’m not sure anyone else did.

It was a humorous discovery that offset the realization that my right ear had swollen to Dumbo-like proportions overnight. The number of silly little medical problems I am confronted with on a regular basis imbues me with an amount of aggravation only rivaled by the frustration the Celtics bring to my life when they blow a chance to take a game from the New Jersey Nets on their home court. (That happened tonight too, for those of you who don’t watch basketball.)

I don’t know what’s wrong with my ear. Stephanie’s urging me to go see the doctor. I don’t think that I will though, at least not until it starts to really hurt or maybe until I go deaf. I’m sick of going into the doctor and being told there’s nothing really wrong with me. Sometimes it takes sticking a finger up my ass to tell me that. I don’t think I want to make any unnecessary visits to the doctor anytime soon, even if my doctor is a nice old man.

I’ll just keep on focusing on getting through the day and getting to the weekend. That’s my life right now, as sad as it may sound. The real passions of my life are all kept from me except after hours. Work is good, but will never take the place of my one true desire – to write full-time.