Stephanie made a kinda bonehead move this morning. She’d been working on a paper for her Tuesday night class and when she left this morning she had everything she needed for the day except the paper. At around 7:35, when I was already running late, Stephanie called me up from her cellphone and revealed the mistake to me. It wasn’t funny, but I wanted to laugh.

Stephanie suggested I bring the paper with me to work today and that we meet at lunch somewhere so I could give it to her. She wanted to do this at noon. I usually take my lunch around 2 PM, so needless to say, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. I said yes though. What else was I supposed to do. It was my wife’s hour of need, after all.

I did my first couple hours of work and then she and I met up at the Subway sandwich shop on the corner of Boston Road and whatever the hell the other road is called in Billerica, MA. This is the tiniest Subway you’ve ever seen, tucked into a small convenience store, tucked into a small parking lot. The only problem is, everyone in the world apparently goes there for lunch. The place was packed.

It was nice to have lunch with Stephanie though. The fact that I got to see here midday made the fact that I got back to work an hour before I even would have left for lunch on a normal day seem a little less awful.

The rest of the day went by mercifully quickly. Then I came home to a message from one of the creative writing guys at Lesley University, who reminded me I’d dropped the ball on getting into grad school. I quickly started working on my application and getting my shit together. I can only hope that the people I’ve e-mailed about providing recommendations will be able to do it. Then I just have to convince my superiors at work to let me take a couple weeks of unpaid leave each year to complete the program.

I did some work on organizing the journal entries for 1997 as well, but whatever.