Grad Schoolin’

I had a couple of good conversations regarding the whole graduate school thing today. The first conversation was with my boss, who helped me figure out how I’d schedule in the two week-long residencies each year and who said he would be happy to write me a recommendation. The second was with one of the folks from Lesley, the guy in charge of the program. The only downside of that conversation is that it got my hopes up even more. He made it even clearer to me that this was the right program for me.

The rest of the day is just a blur of work, work, and more work. I did get to catch up my Roots reading, after missing out yesterday because of my little meeting with Stephanie on lunch. I also got to work out this afternoon, despite a headache that was building and a small pain in my side. Then we watched That 70s Show, American Idol, and The West Wing, all of which were very good.

Somewhere in there I cooked a couple of very good hamburgers for dinner.

But back to the whole Lesley thing… Does anyone think I’ll actually get in? I mean, it is the first time they’re offering this program and I am a pretty good writer… But am I good enough? The last time I applied to grad school back in 2001, I was rejected. It was right around this time of year too. What reason is there for me to keep my spirits up about this?