Contemplating The Switch

Every once in a while I get the urge to own a non-Windows computer. I’ll spend a couple of days staring way too intently at and looking around for machines that could run Linux. The other day I saw an article on Slashdot talking about affordable Mac clone-type things. Always at the end of all this wondering I end up with the same question racking my brain.

Why the fuck do I care?

I’ve never been a hardcore computer geek. I use my machine for writing and playing games and surfing the internet. I hear about and deal with some of the frustrations of Windows at work every day, but at home it’s never caused me much of a problem.

I think the desire to go Mac stems from my long-ago first experiences with computers. They used to bring four or five Apple IIs around on a rotating basis in elementary school. Many of my middle school friends had Macs. When I was in college I did all of my most creative work on Macs.

The desire to build a Linux machine comes from friends and coworkers who seem so much cooler than me. While I’ve never been a proper computer geek, I’ve always aspired to be one. I understand the benefits of a Linux system and the idea of open-source is really appealing to me.

So, the next time it’s time for me to upgrade maybe I’ll look into going the Mac route or the Linux route, but I really hope I can just hold myself off from spending too much time on those pursuits right now. My machine works fine just the way it is (with a few quirks I can deal with) and I really have much more important things to worry about.