If I Farted Into My Car’s Gas Tank It Would Fill It Up

I felt exceptionally sick most of today and five o’clock could not arrive fast enough. My absolutely horrible gas, coupled with an overwhelming tiredness and my continuing preoccupation with figuring out why I’ve become suddenly obsessed with building a Mac or Linux machine, made for an absolutely atrocious day at work. It wasn’t nearly as bad as some I’ve had, but it was up there.

Nah… I guess it wasn’t even up there. It was just hard to get through because of the way I was feeling.

I came home and I didn’t exercize because my insides were basically telling me to fuck off. Instead, I cleaned up the links in the 2002 archives of this here site so that I could finally take down that “Perpetually Under Construction” sign on the homepage. Now everything should be working relatively well.

I did get requests to go out tonight but I still felt like shit by the time those requests came around, so the furthest I went out was to go down the street to pick up food for Stephanie and I and to buy the lottery ticket I forgot to buy earlier this afternoon when I left work.

Then I spent most of the rest of the night looking for chatrooms and bulletin boards to promote my book at. I didn’t have much luck but it was better than watching the Celtics get beat up for a third game in a row. The only consolation I’ve been able to take the past two games was that the Lakers also lost both nights. I hope they do so again tonight.

I’m off like the prom dress of one of the Chelmsford High girls who participated in “the contest” during my time at the school.