The Legend of Sleepy Speedwrite

The sleepiness of yesterday carried over into today but I did manage to get a helluva lot done before Stef and I headed over to my parents’ house mid-afternoon. That visit was nice. We bought my Mom and Grandma a nice plant for Mother’s Day and a bouqet of whitish-yellow roses as well. My parents were finishing up yard work when we arrived and after that was said and done, we took a quick ride with my Mom to the cemetary in Littleton to leave her mother some flowers as well.

Then we ate, conversed, and eventually Stef and I came home. I got tired and fell asleep on the couch and wanted nothing to do with writing when she woke me up at around 11:20 PM.

The early part of the day revolved around me doing groceries and Stef doing the laundry. When I got back from groceries I tried to mix myself up a shake with the supplements I’d bought at the Vitamin Store last week. I tried a couple of different mixtures and none of them worked for me. I’m going to have to see if that stuff is such a good idea for me.

I also decided to combine Stef and my user accounts on this machine here at home. It doesn’t make sense for us to have separate user accounts. She never bothers to check her e-mail because its a hassle to logout of my account (‘cause I’m always on) and then log into hers.

Anyway, so I worked on that and organizing the contents of our machine as well. And that was about all for Sunday May 11, 2003.