An Idea

I’ve been trying to come with ideas on how to drive traffic to in an effort to get book sales kickstarted again. One of the ideas that keeps coming to mind is some sort of community-based story. It’d be like a story in the round where maybe I started it and then people signed up and wrote there own takes on what happens to various characters. Then maybe at the end of a year or so we’d put out a printed version of the results and donate the proceeds to a charity.

I’ve had this idea for a serial-story based on Kimball College, the school quite a few characters from Those Little Bastads went to. I’ve also had this idea for collecting the thoughts and memories of former Bradford College students and doing a book for the upcoming 300th Anniversary thingy I keep hearing about.

Perhaps these two ideas become one and that opens it up to far more people, because lord knows there are lot more people that didn’t go to Bradford than there are people who did. The fictional Kimball College is based on Bradford, but it could be based on any school or on elements from any school. Perhaps we start a story at Kimball with various characters and then visitors to the site add their own little tidbits, all building off the original story.

Is this making sense to anyone? It’s making sense to me, but I’m not sure if it’s coming out of my fingers properly.

Anyone got any thoughts? You think this is crazy? Would it be cool? Would you contribute? You wouldn’t have to be a stellar writer or anything.

Lemme know.