Tokyo Steakhouse

I felt sick all day today, sick to my stomach that is, but that didn’t stop me from going out to lunch at Applebee’s with my coworkers Jody and Scott, and it didn’t stop me from going out to dinner with Stef and our friends Monica and “Bob”. Perhaps it should have stopped me, but eating actually made me feel somewhat better, if only for the hour or so immediately following each meal.

The rest of the day at work is a blur in my memory and the only thing I recall about it is that it was a struggle to get through, feeling the way I was. After work I tried playing some video games and surfing friends’ webpages, but nothing was keeping my mind off the feeling in my tummy. Eventually I laid down on the love seat in the living room and started reading the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

When Stef came home I was in kind of a crummy mood, but she understood I wasn’t feeling well and we kept pretty silent on the way to the Tokyo Steakhouse in Salem, NH. It was good that we did. When I’m in those moods it’s best if I just shut up and keep my negativity to myself.

Dinner with Monica and “Bob” was good. We hadn’t seen them in ages and we hadn’t been to the Tokyo Steakhouse in ages. In fact, the last time we went it was shortly after our wedding and it was with MaryAnn and JonMartin.

Conversation was light during dinner, but I think that had something to do with the entertaining Japanese chef who was cooking our dinner right in front of us. The food was great, like I said above, and immediately erased the feeling in my gut, if only for a little while.

After dinner we went and saw the new house Monica and her mother live at. “Bob” and I got to talking about baseball, which I know little about, because apparently former Red Sox star Jim Rice lives across the street. There was also mention of an unnamed Bruins player who lived next door and mostly rode the bench.

When the chatting was done and we’d said our goodbyes we came home and I stumbled in the door and that was that.