The Matrix Reloaded

Stef and I took in an early showing of The Matrix Reloaded at the Loews Cinema at the Loop in Methuen, MA this morning. Aside from my uncooperative bladder during the last forty-five minutes of the flick, I thought it was just too cool for fucking words. I’d read some bad reviews, had at least one friend who didn’t dig it, but none of that mattered to me when the lights dimmed and the movie began. I’d go see it again tomorrow if I had the time.

Come to think of it, I do have the time. I probably won’t go see it again tomorrow, but I could. Such is the beauty of having a full-time job and having some cash to blow every once in a while.

After our return from the movie theater, the rest of the day is a blur of sitting around in the living room and then spending entirely too much time in a Yahoo! Chat Room tonight trying to whore my book to the unsuspecting public. When I realized I couldn’t use the Voice Chat feature, even though I had no good reason to use it, I became obsessed with figuring out why. I still haven’t figured it out, but I do have this journal entry to write, so there.

Aerosmith’s “Sick As A Dog” just came on my Winamp. It is one of the coolest songs of the 70s A’smith period. The song was written by bassist Tom Hamilton, if I remember correctly, and Tom plays guitar on the song. That leaves guitarist Joe Perry to play the bass on the song until the solo where, in the middle of the song, lead singer Steven Tyler takes over on bass. They did it all in one take in the studio. It’s just fucking brilliant, everyone switching instruments around and shit.

Anyway, I probably screwed that story up but I’m tired and you’ll have to forgive me.