Speedwrite Space

For many moons those around me have preached the gospel of Office Space. I myself have only ever experienced a short clip from the film which I found on the internet and incorporated into the Pop Bubblegum Trash video, “Waiting For the Whistle To Blo.” Today though, I did what I’d promised to do for many weekends — I finally bought the damn movie on DVD. I bought it and we watched it and it was good.

Aside from Office Space, Stef and I didn’t really do much with our Sunday except for one big fight we had that made her leave the apartment for a little while. I haven’t been feeling well all weekend and I’ve been exceedingly negative and it all took its toll until we blew up at each other because she wasn’t helping me with filling out my financial aid application for grad school.

We did have ice cream and I did figure out what had been plaguing my sound card, preventing me from recording through the microphone input. Other than that though, I just had a lot of time to feel ill.

Oh, and I worked on an image for a poster for JonMartin, for an event he’s producing over in England. I think they dug what I did and maybe someday I’ll get permission to share it with you all.