No Lotto Money For Me

Being the pop bubblegum whore that I am, I could not help but watch the season finale of American Idol with vested interest. I have become a big fan of one of the finalists, despite all of the contestants’ seeming total lack of stage presence this year. The guy I was a fan of (Ruben) won the competition. The show was only exciting in the smallest sense, but it’s Wednesday night and I’ve made it halfway through the week, so why shouldn’t I have allowed myself to veg out for a couple of hours?

I didn’t win the lottery last night, but that doesn’t mean I can’t relax every once in a while until I do.

I do think I’ve taken the vacation from exercise thing a bit too far at work though. I’ve reverted to my evil ways, grabbing a chocolate from the goodie table almost every time I’m up at that end of the office. I’m really struggling to get through this week though. Vacation is looming over the horizon and I just can’t wait anymore. I want to be on vacation so bad.

Tomorrow night I’ll go to the open-mic in Haverhill again and then Friday, Stef and I will probably just chill out here and then Saturday the real fun begins.

Can I make it that far? We’ll see.