The Go-Gos Were Right

When Stef and I were getting ready to go on our honeymoon just over two years ago the hardest thing in the world to deal with was training someone to take over my job for two weeks. I had no system in place to allow for someone to do what I did on a regular basis. It was hell. It took me three months to train Colleen, not because she was dumb (she wasn’t dumb at all), but because my daily processes were so damn complex they just couldn’t be taught.

These last couple days leading up to my latest vacation (which began promptly at 5 PM this afternoon) have been significantly less stressful. Maybe it’s because I’m a marketing writer now and not a living, breathing content management system for the corporate website. Whatever it is, I’m so very glad that the process of passing the buck this time around was so much simpler.

It wasn’t as simple as last year when I went on vacation and all I had to do was tell all the other unemployed people to keep up the good work, but it was simple nonetheless.

Tomorrow Stef and I depart for Maine for a couple of days and then it’s off to Nova Scotia. I’m not sure what, if anything, will occupy this space while I’m gone, but when I get back there will certainly be a full report.

For now though, I’m going to shove off and have myself a pleasant first evening of vacation.