Vacation - 1 of 8

I woke up early on the first full day of my vacation. The plan was to get my car inspected and do the laundry early in the day so that Stephanie and I could get on our way before the afternoon was too far gone. Stef went to get her hair cut and colored while I did these other chores.

I was worried the car would fail inspection because of a little problem I’d had with the windshield wipers. You know that little piece that shoots the wiper fluid out onto your windows? Well that piece on my passenger’s side wiper was broken. It was just flapping in the wind. I had to secure it with some masking tape and I thought that was it. I was going to fail.

I didn’t fail though and because my car was built in an even numbered year and this is an odd numbered year it’s being inspected in, in the state of Massachusetts, that means I get the simple safety test and not the long, drawn-out emissions test. So, it didn’t take very long at all.

I went home, gathered up the laundry and drove down the street to the laundramat, passing the salon where Stef was getting her hair styled.

A couple hours later, after a horrendous time doing the laundry, I passed back by the salon and Stef’s car was still there. It occurred to me that it was taking an awful long time. It was the first time she was getting her hair highlighted though, so I figured it might take a while.

I went home, unloaded the laundry and picked up some more around the house. When Stephanie finally came home she looked great and she was very happy with her haircut.

We got going a little while later, after some packing and some last minute phonecalls. The trip up to Maine was uneventful. We listened the Kelly Clarkson album and we ate white and dark chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Now we’re sitting in the living room of Julee’s place in the middle of the woods (I am, of course, exaggerating when I say middle of the woods) and I’m typing this.