Vacation - 3 of 8

What was supposed to be a miserable canoe trip through the pouring rain in the wilds of Maine turned into a short hike in the high humidity. What was supposed to be a melodramatic confrontation between warring factions of the family I married into became a cordial lunch of cold cuts and conversations about dog breeds and graduate schools.

The theme of today was the turning of expectations on their head. Nothing that we had anticipated about today became reality. The funny thing is, we were very happy that was the case. It seemed as though it might have been the lowest point of our little vacation.

When we were done with the hiking and the lunch we drove back to our basecamp for this early portion of our time off. Most of today had been spent with Steve and Lesley. We’d met up with Stef’s brother Nate, who was celebrating a birthday, and his girlfriend Amy. Stephanie and I were the least in-shape of the little caravan and the short but intense hike left it’s mark on us moreso than anyone else. The rest of the day was a total washout, in terms of weather and in terms of ambitions.

The highlight for me was when I drove from Julee’s place to the local gaming store a couple towns over to pick up my younger brother-law Alex. On the ride over I listened to WFNX (who broadcasts on a local station up here in Maine, a fact that would make any Massachusetts-bred alternageek smile) and they decided to do eleven songs in a row from Nine Inch Nails as part of a contest. I blew out my voice on the first song they played (a dub of Sin, probably from the Sin single) but the rest of the ride to and from that place was bliss. It was exactly what I needed on that cold rainy afternoon.

We ate dinner and watched a movie (The Tuxedo, starring Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt) after that and now it’s time for bed.