In Like Flynn Redux

I think I’ve only ever used the phrase, “I’m in like Flynn” one other time in my journal. It was back in the Fall of 1994. This was when I was still keeping my old paper journal, before I owned a computer, before I had any idea what an ‘internet’ was. In large, block-style letters I wrote, “I’m in like Flynn” to express my utter joy at the discovery I had been accepted to Bradford College.

Tonight I am able to utter that phrase oncemore, and though I will spare you the large, block-style letters, I will not be held back from giving this one simple sentence a paragraph all its own:


It was perhaps the greatest way to cap off my vacation. When Stephanie and I had finished unloading our things this afternoon, after we had sorted through the mail and I turned on the computer to fetch our e-mail, I checked our voicemail. It was then, while listening to the second of four messages left during the week we were away, that I discovered I’d been accepted into the graduate Creative Writing program at Lesley University.

This is assuming, of course, that I heard the message correctly. I played it for Stephanie and she seems to think I heard it just fine.

What does this mean for me? What does it mean for my writing? My book? This page? Well, these are all things I probably could have spent the rest of this evening thinking about, but I am still on vacation, if only for eleven more hours and I decided to watch Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets instead. I’ll go back to being responsible and doing some planning tomorrow.