First Day Back

I couldn’t have asked for a more laid-back day back. While you’re never really excited to go back to work after a vacation, I was mildly interested in getting back, if only to meet the three new people who had started while I was away and to find out if anything had blown up in my absence. At my previous jobs that was almost a given. It seemed the companies I worked at couldn’t live without me. With the job I have now it is quite the opposite. It seems they got on just fine without me.

And, whereas in most aspects of my life I hate to think of myself as non-essential or replaceable, at my job I really don’t mind so much. I like that I fill a vital role at the company, but I like that I can go away for a week without worrying shit won’t get done. My previous jobs… even when I took vacations I don’t think I really got to enjoy them.

After work I got back on track with my exercizing and then I did the grocery shopping. On my way home from that I discovered something clear, probably water, was leaking from the undercarriage of my car. Inside, in the back seat on the passenger’s side, there was a small puddle and a really wet rug. I don’t know if the two were connected but I wasn’t feeling all too good as I came home. I attributed it mostly to my working out to hard though and now I’m feeling fine.

Stef and I sat down to watch the first Harry Potter movie (after watching the second one yesterday) while we ate dinner. But now it’s not even over yet and we’re already getting ready for bed.

We’re old. We stink.