Silly F*ck

I just finished watching the end of one of the most retarded movies ever made — Ready To Rumble. If you’ve never heard of it, consider yourself lucky. It was a vehicle for WCW, the wrestling promotion that went out of business a couple of years ago. Watching this movie, seeing that they invested money in that piece of crap, tells me why they went out of business.

After finishing my evening with that I came in here to write this entry and noticed that someone had made a comment on yesterday’s entry since last I’d checked. Heather wondered if, in yesterday’s entry, I was comparing Andre Dubus to JK Rowling (Author of the Harry Potter books). I wasn’t of course, but it made me laugh. Because, when I did go back and reread the entry (which I don’t often do) it did sound a bit like I had.

As much as I love the Potter books, you could never put them in the same league or even the same sport as Dubus. So, I hope that clarifies that.

I’m still chuckling though. I can’t believe I made it sound like that.

Anyway, I barely made it through the day at work. Today I had an e-mailing to send out and whenever I have one of those to send out things get a bit testy. It all went fine in the end, but with the number of other little things that popped up during the day I was just aching to get out of there when 5 o’clock rolled around.

On lunch I finished reading “The Pretty Girl” from my Dubus collection. After work I worked out and then cooked dinner. In between I had short conversations with my Mom and with Tiff, but not with Jimmy, who mentioned he might call today when he posted in response to yesterday’s entry. I’m sure he just got tied up with something, but I do hope to hear from him soon. It’s been too long since we’ve talked.

And now that I’ve finished my little recap, it’s time for bed where I will probably have dreams of Heather coming into my office and kicking my ass for writing of Dubus and Potter in the same entry.

Hehe… I’m a silly f*ck.