Some Random Randomness

I thought it was interesting that, even though there were a heap more comments than usual on yesterday’s entry, there were no comments about my strange dreams. I suppose discussion is bound to focus more on something positive like me getting into Lesley, but I did wonder what people thought about the dreams I’ve been having.

I’ve also been pondering what I’ll write to present for the upcoming first residency of my Lesley program. I have one story I know I’ll be able to pull off but I have a bunch of other ones that are still hanging back in the ether, not wanting to come out. The story I know I’m going to write is so clear to me, even though it’s not clear at all in some places, but what the other one will be… It’s a mystery.

I went to my cousin Kerry’s high-school graduation tonight. There were only 85 people in her class there nearly five times as many in my high-school graduating class, and even though it probably wasn’t much bigger, my Bradford graduating class seems like it must’ve been bigger by comparison as well.

It’s weird to see people who were once such cute, little, bald, pooping troublemakers grow up to be fine young men and women. I was very proud and kind of emotional when I thought about the fact that me and my parents were the only family she had there outside of her own parents and brother. I thought about my grandparents and my Auntie Donna and whether they might be watching from somewhere out there in the cosmos as well.

It also burned when I urinated when I first got up this morning. I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but I thought you should know.