I Hate You Chris

I listened to Metallica’s new St. Anger album tonight while I did the dishes and ate English muffin pizzas. Despite Rolling Stone’s four-star review which convinced me to plunk down ten bucks to buy it, the album, while good in places, is quite uneven. Maybe my lack of appreciation for it had something to do with the fact that I was partaking in such non-Metal activities while listening to it.

Earlier in the day I cleaned up the spare room/office so that Stef would have room to do exercize in here in the mornings while I’m getting ready for work so as not be in my way.

Later in the day we went shopping and I bought St. Anger, the new Weird Al, Phil Collins Hits for Stef, and I thought the day was going to be better.

In between those two things we went to the Lesley University bookstore and during the driving that ensued during the day I ranted and raved about how I have no time to write and how I should maybe not partake in the graduate program after all.

Tonight, since Stef was going over to a “girlie” night with Stacey, I decided to listen to my new Metallica and then write a little. What I wrote might be okay, but it’s probably second-rate and I’ll have to throw it out. I really feel like I’ve lost it.

On the other hand, it wasn’t that bad and it did remind me that I love writing.

I’m just sick and tired. I should have gone out for a little bit tonight. I’m still thinking about going out for a ride after I finish typing this.

I’m listening to the Weird Al album as I type this and it too is kind of disappointing. Maybe I’m just disappointed by everything lately.