Christmas With The Ronzios

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

It had become something of a tradition to have The Ronzios up from North Carolina for Christmas. They arrived a couple of days before the holiday and stayed for a couple of days after. Dad was beginning to tire of it though, for a number of reasons I can’t recall. I think he felt cramped or something. God only knows. We’re all still close today though and that’s what counts. It was a tradition that was ending this year but we still had a good time.

On Christmas morning John got a Playstation, I got a heap of CDs and the Aerosmith autobiography, and everyone else got a treasure trove of stuff as well. The living room floor of my parents’ house was covered with paper and boxes and people unwrapping things and life was great.

We ate dinner with my Aunt Joanne, Uncle Austin, their kids, my Auntie Donna, and my Grandma. I think the Ronzios took off and had dinner elsewhere. There was more present opening after dinner but mostly I read my book and thought about my upcoming reunion with Tracy.

When everyone else was gone, we drove over to Auntie Lil’s brother’s place. For a number of reasons, I never called Lil’s brother Mark my uncle. Lil wasn’t even my real aunt. She was my mom’s cousin, but we’d always grown up with her around as if she were an aunt.

At Mark’s place we hung out with the Ronzios some more and eventually a bunch of us guys, from all generations, ended up in the basement watching South Park and bonding over the crude humor of Mr. Hankie the Christmas Poo.