A Few Good Speedwrites

I woke up late this Sunday morning, late by my standards at the very least. The alarm clock read 9:35 when I finally hauled my ass out of bed. I was a bit disappointed with myself. I’d wanted to get up before Stef and write a little bit more of the story I’d been working on Saturday night. She was already up though, and in the living room watching television. I thought I would just succumb and sit down with her, but I didn’t. I found some willpower, came into the spare room, grabbed my laptop, and I wrote.

The results were not altogether unpleasant. Though the piece will surely need a lot of work when it’s done, it isn’t turning out to be the utter piece of garbage I suspected it might become when I finished my first writing session last night. I’m discovering things about the character. I’m beginning to like the guy. And, whereas his story has been nothing more than a catchy concept and a flashy punchline to me for the last few weeks as I’ve been developing it, tonight I understand where its going and its going someplace interesting.

After a bit of writing and a bit of showering, Stef and I took off for the afternoon. We ate lunch at TGI Friday’s. I had the JD Steak, which wasn’t as good as the last time, but was still quite yummy. Stef had some sort of chicken dish. After lunch I browsed Borders while Stef did some grocery shopping. We ended up buying a world history atlas, this really amazing coffee-table book that depicts human civilization from before the common era till today.

On our way home we grabbed some ice cream. After unpacking the groceries and eating my brownie sundae, I sat down and finally punched out a few entries in this journal for 1997.

We ended the night with dinner and A Few Good Men.