Snowed In Geekery

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

This memory could be from an entirely different year. I have no idea why I think it happened this year, but there’s something in me that says it did. Besides, I need another entry for November of 1997 and what the fuck do you care when it actually happened you silly person you?

At some point during my college career, probably in the late Fall/early Winter of 1997, there was supposed to be a huge field-trip to UMass Lowell for some serious fucking geekery. It got snowed out, as so many things did that year, and we all ended up in one of the Tupelos watching anime and playing role-playing games. The more I think of it, it had to be around this time, based solely on the people who were there.

The group that played Rifts was headed up by Zeke, who was the GM. Then there was Erik, who played some sort of animal-type creature, DaPonte who played a black drunkard named Colt-45, me who played someone who offended people or something, Baptiste who played someone else, and occasionally Suzanne, Tori, and Nikki’s Brad.

I’m pretty sure this is when this happened. Anyway, it was fun, as playing games with them always was, and it was much better than sitting in my Cluster House watching the snow fly.