More Controversy

Newsweek recently published an article on fetal rights, capitalizing on the public’s hunger to learn more about the subject in the wake of the discovery of the bodies of Lacey Peterson and her unborn son. There are some that would argue that whoever killed Lacey actually committed two murders. There are some that would argue that abortion is murder. I think these are both good arguments but that nobody has taken them far enough. Nobody has taken them to their logical conclusions.

If killing a pregnant woman is considered double murder and aborting an unwanted child is considered homicide as well, why not make condoms illegal to boot? After all, by wearing a latex sleeve over your dick you are, in fact, preventing your semen from reaching their genetically predetermined destination and hence, you are murdering them.

But I don’t even think that’s going far enough. What about abstinence? Is that not murder as well? Those spermies inside a guy’s balls don’t last forever and if he doesn’t send them off on their Holy quest is he not executing them? I don’t think not having sex is any better than having sex, getting your wife pregnant, and then offing them both because you’ve suddenly had a change of heart and you want to fuck around with some cute blonde you met at the tennis courts. Nah. It’s all the same.

For that matter, I would argue that a girl saying “No” is also murder. She’s preventing the guys from getting to the promised land and like I mentioned above, if you don’t give them a chance to get where they’re going, I don’t think you’re any better than those awful mother & child murderers we hear about on the news.

Can you smell the sarcasm? Can you taste the bitter wit? Do you hear the voice of a disturbed young man who just doesn’t understand how far they’ll have to take such stupid arguments before the world wakes the fuck up?

It’s horrible that Lacey Peterson died. It’s horrible that she was about to give birth and that the kid died too. And yeah, I think abortion is murder, but I’m not about to tell a woman what to do with her body. It’s her fucking body and it’s her mind and soul, and maybe she doesn’t think it’s murder and she’s okay with that decision. More power to her. I have a fucking penis. I don’t presume to know jack shit about what its like to be pregnant or what its like to have to make that decision.

What I guess I’m trying to say is that we should stay out of other people’s business unless a really horrific crime has been committed. In the Lacey Peterson matter, I think we have something that deserves our attention. Whoever did it is a sick fuck, no matter if you buy into the fetus being a second murder or not. He or she needs to be dealt with accordingly.

That’s all. I’m turning in my soapbox for the night.