The Busiest Day

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

There was a night sometime early in the Fall semester of my junior year that both Russel and I were on the phone simultaneously, both of us planning events for the same day in October. He was on the phone with Rachael in Pennsylvania, trying to arrange for her to come up on her birthday. I was on the phone with my Mom, talking about how my Aunt Debbie was getting married the second weekend of October. Russel asked me if I was cool with Rachael coming up on her birthday and I was like, “Yeah” and my Mom asked me if I was going to go to the wedding and I was like, “Yeah” and then Russel and I hung up our respective phones and I realized both events were on the same day and I was like, “D’oh!”

October 12, 1997 has to go down as one of the busiest days of my life. In the morning I woke up and dressed in the only suit I owned and I drove down to Methuen, MA for the wedding. I stayed for the ceremony, which was very nice, and long enough to say hello to everyone, but then I took off to get back to campus for rehearsal.

Yes. You read right. Rehearsal. In the span of time since Russel and I were on the phone that night, I’d also managed to get cast in The Importance of Being Earnest.

I showed up for that early blocking rehearsal of Earnest all dressed up and everyone was like, “Why are you so dressed up?” and I was like, “Uhm, you don’t wanna know. Can we just rehearse now?” and they were like, “Yeah.”

After spending most of the day in rehearsal, I returned to the Cluster House. For Rachael’s birthday (she had arrived via train a night or two before) we were all going to see Sarah McLachlan at MixFest ‘97 at City Hall Plaza in Boston. She was closing the show and if we hurried we’d get there just in time.

It was Jason, Prok, Jimmy, Stacey, Rachael, and me. There may have been one or two others, but I think that was it. Russel didn’t come. He wasn’t interested.

We got there just in time. Sarah went on and gave a great show, despite the fact that the Green Line train running underneath the plaza was rattling Ash’s drumset. The bassist from Barenaked Ladies, who had played just before Sarah, came out and played on Sarah’s latest single, “Angel,” which he’d played on on the record.

Maybe because the day was so hectic, I don’t really have any more specific memories. I know I had fun though. There was lots of hugging and swaying at the Sarah concert and that was wonderful. I later learned that JonMartin and Andy were there as well, but we didn’t see them.