The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

The only person I really kept in touch with from high-school was JonMartin. I tried to keep in touch with Meg for a while, but communication slowly just fizzled. I did see the frisbee-playing people on occasional trips back to Chelmsford. There was one friend from high-school who popped up out of the blue though in the middle of the Summer of 1997 and then, just as fast as he’d come back he was pretty much gone.

The Other Jon was a guy I’d met in my latter years of high-school. I had Psychology with him senior year and we had some of the same friends. We eventually got to be good enough friends that we were thinking of doing Monty Python’s “Parrot Sketch” at the mostly-musical talent show our senior year. We didn’t though. I think we submitted a tape and it didn’t get accepted.

The Other Jon reappeared by e-mail or phone sometime earlier in the summer and one of the last things we did together before he disappeared back into the ether right before our respective junior years of college was to go golfing at Kimball’s Driving Range in Westford, MA. We had ice cream at the ice cream stand there after.

Earlier in the summer I believe I helped him set up a new computer and we hung out with some of his friends playing Nintendo 64 somewheres in Littleton or Westford and we bumped into Beth the Bassist’s sister, who I’d never met, while she was working at the Donelan’s in Littleton. At least I think it was Littleton.

I’m hoping that more will come back to me about this period, but I figured I better write down something about it for now.