The Clock That Would Not Move

Writing was my salvation today. I wrote when I first woke up and I wrote when I finished my workout this afternoon and now I’m writing again. Otherwise, today was a horrible, horrible day. Our network problems persisted for a second day in a row and people were all looking for other people to take their frustration out on. I don’t need e-mail for everything I do, but the fact that our e-mail is down is disrupting my patterns. I don’t like to get out of sync like this.

Anyway, I didn’t think I’d make it through the day. One conversation with my boss early on in the day left me wanting to just walk out of the building and never come back. I’d had such a good morning writing more of my latest story and then I went into work and I was yelled at. I just wasn’t having it. I couldn’t deal with being belittled today and my productivity suffered for it.

The hands of the clock seemed to stop altogether as the day wore on. The faulty climate control system took us from artic chills to sweltering heat and back again. People were roaming back and forth past my desk in an effort to finally figure out how to fix the damage that hacker caused. It was utter chaos and I hated it.

When I finally got out of there I drove home quickly and got right to my exercize to rid my mind of the day. After exercize I churned out four or five more entries for 1997 and then I just relaxed for the rest of the evening. I figured I needed it if I was ever going to make it through tomorrow.