Bugaboo Creek

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

Some of my major escapes in the Summer of ‘97 were with Ken and our friend Tiff, who dated a kind-of dumbass at the time who sometimes came along as well. Ken drove most of the time. In fact, I hadn’t driven much of anywhere since high school. As soon as my friends got their licenses it was almost as if they felt obligated to pay me back for carting their asses around for all the years I had a license and they didn’t. On one particular night, Ken somehow got all of us (minus the dumb-ass boyfriend) to a Bugaboo Creek restaurant.

Interesting enough, we had no idea where we were and it wouldn’t be until a year or two later, when driving to my girlfriend’s sister’s place in Salem, MA that I realized where that Bugaboo Creek was. It was near a mall and that was all we could tell that night that KenMills drove us there and we quickly forgot about whether or not Ken was driving us out into the middle of the woods to kill us when we were entertained by the talking moose and/or buffalo that awaited us inside.

Yes, there were a talking moose and buffalo head inside this restaurant. It was a very typical KenMills dining experience and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

I don’t recall what we had to eat but I do recall thinking it was kind of mediocre. I wasn’t old enough to drink yet, but Ken might have been. Tiff definitely was not. I think we all just had soda and our food.

Uhm, that’s about all for this memory. Basically I want to get across that I didn’t see as much of JonMartin this summer or of anyone else. Mostly I hung out with Ken and Tiff.