Suzanne Visits

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

At some point in the Summer of ‘97, Suzanne drove over from Western Massachusetts and we had ourselves a little adventure up Haverhill-way. It was good that she drove because after last summer’s Suzie visit, when I’d gotten myself pulled over on the Mass Pike driving her home, I wasn’t at all thrilled about the prospect of driving that stretch of road again.

It turned out I gave pretty bad directions though, because I ended up waiting for Suzanne in the parking lot of St. Mary’s Church for quite a while that morning. The church is right off the exit from the Northbound lanes of Rte. 495, which is where Suzanne was coming from. I think I forgot that exit number though and directed Suzie to the next exit up, which in turn made the rest of my directions worthless.

We stopped by my house for a little while, said hello probably, and then decided to head up to Haverhill. I don’t know what our original plan was, but we eventually made our way towards the Salem, NH area to see if Erik was working at Toys R Us.

Not finding Erik there… or at least I don’t think we found him… we ended up spending some time at one of Suzie’s other friend’s places in Haverhill. I knew who they were, because everyone knew everyone else at Bradford, but I wasn’t sure of their names.

I don’t recall much of what we did that day, but we did have fun. Suzie eventually dropped me off and went home. That’s how it ended. It was good to see a Bradford face though. It was really the last one I would see until we got back to college again in the fall.