Speedwrite Reloaded

After watching a little of the DVD that came with my copy of Metallica’s St. Anger album, I decided to go out and catch the 10 AM showing of The Matrix Reloaded at the Showcase Cinemas in Lowell, the first time I’d caught a movie there in months. I don’t go to that one anymore because living where I live, the cinema in Methuen is much more convenient. Anyway, I went to see Reloaded again and my bladder didn’t get the best of me this time and I enjoyed it.

After Reloaded I came back home, grabbing some water and lunch on the way, and as I ate I watched the Biography Channel and a presentation they’d done on Cinque, the African who led a slave revolt aboard the ship La Amistad in the 1830s/40s. I can’t remember the exact dates. After that I think I tried to get some work done (including calling my Dad to wish him a Happy Father’s Day), but I eventually just passed out on the couch until Stephanie got home.

As we usually do on weekend nights, especially on weekends where Stephanie’s had class, we ended up putting away the meat I’d taken out for supper and ordering some food. We ate and then watched Walking With Cavemen on the Discovery Channel, which was quite good. And now, of course, I’m typing this to you.

It wasn’t the most productive weekend, but I do feel a bit more relaxed than I did on Friday. I’m not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but who ever does feel like going back on a Sunday night? Tomorrow means not only work though, but a return to my writing. I took the weekend off, for better or worse. I guess it was a good thing because it gives me a reason to get through tomorrow.