Back To Work

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

I’d spent too much time unemployed and I’d just bought a computer so I had to bite the bullet and go back to work for Stop & Shop in downtown Chelmsford. I’d actually never worked at Stop & Shop. It had been Purity when I worked there in high school, before it got bought out. Regardless, I went to work for Stop & Shop after at least a month of unemployment and though I tried my best to convince the people there that I’d never been a cashier so I could keep the easier job of bagger, they eventually remembered I could do the job I loathed and I was back on the register.

That’s basically the whole story of my involvement with Stop & Shop. There were a few familiar faces and a lot of new ones and I really wanted nothing to do with being there. I especially hated getting put back on the register again after I’d specifically asked to just be a bagger. Things would get busy though and they had no choice. I can admit that now, but at the time there lack of respect for my wishes pissed me off.

If Dad had any idea how much I hated working at Stop & Shop, maybe he would have realized how much I wanted the computer and maybe he would have approved. Who knows? I certainly didn’t plan on telling him this soon after buying it. For all I knew, he’d somehow concoct some plan to have me take it back.

So I worked at Stop & Shop and I wasn’t at all happy about it but it was a job and it allowed me to buy my computer and get an occasional CD throughout the summer.