Everything In Balance

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve managed to put together a daily gameplan that gets in all of the extracurricular activities I’ve been longing to make a part of my day. I write my fiction in the morning, all the stuff I have to do for my upcoming graduate program. I get my news after that and then I work. After work I come home and I get my exercize and then I write my journal entries. That still leaves me with time for dinner and a little vegging out.

All of this does leave me feeling pretty drained at the end of the day but its worth it to be able to look back on the week come Friday and realize how much I’ve gotten done.

One might say that I should forfeit the TV/vegging time for a little more time spent doing one of the other things but I really think that wouldn’t be a good idea. Everything is in balance now and I am not sure I want to change it.

Stephanie and I even have a plan for our future that we both agree on. School now, babies later. If they happen by accident before then, so be it. We agree that we should focus on paying off debt until the Fall when its all gone and then we should save as much as we can to try and be ready for a down-payment on a house by the beginning of 2005. I actually spelled out my understanding of it to her the other day and it all made sense. I’m not sure if I’m doing it justice now.

Anyway, The One Who Likes Pants and Yuji and I were talking in the comments section yesterday/today about putting some sort of get-together together. If for any reason someone forgets to pick up that conversation over there, let’s begin it again over here. Let’s not let this spark of initiative go away before we’ve settled on something.