Stupid Needles

Allow me to rant for a moment on the stupidity of some of the laws in my state. I am attending a low-residency MFA program at Lesley University in the fall. We all know this by now. Even though I won’t be taking any traditional classes, the program is considered a full-time program. In the state of Massachusetts, if you are a full-time student you need to fill out this crazy little immunizations form. Okay, so it doesn’t sound so crazy yet. Just wait.

Stephanie is currently registered as a part-time student. Therefore, she does not have to fill out the crazy little immunizations form. Lucky her, right?

Now, this is what I don’t understand. Why is that Stephanie, who will be on campus three to four times as much as I will over the coming semester, not have to get any shots when I do? Why am I required to chase down my medical records and get a fucking tetanus shot when I won’t even be around for more than a week to spred my diseases to their student populace?


As you might be able to tell, I am none too pleased about having to waste my lunch break today driving to the offices of my old pediatrician to get my immunization records, which I figure my present doctor should have had anyway. I am also none too pleased that the last time I had a Tetanus/Diptheria booster shot was in 1992 and that meant I had to have them stick a needle in my arm this afternoon.

More than anything, I am pissed off that I am going to all this trouble to get ready for grad school and the fucking financial aid office still hasn’t given me so much as a phonecall or so much as a simple letter yet. For all I know, I’ll have gone to all this trouble for nothing because I won’t be able to pay for the damn program.

Aside from these minor stresses, my day was fine. I did the work thing, the workout thing, and the writing thing. My schedule was pretty much the same except for my fucked-up lunch. I didn’t get to read today and that pissed me off too. I want to finish the story I’m reading in my Andre Dubus collection. It was getting really good when I had to put it down on Monday.

There’s always tomorrow though and maybe I’ll win the lottery in forty-five minutes and I won’t have to go to work tomorrow and I’ll have that much more time to finish the damn book. One can only hope.