Strunk & White With the Candlestick In The Conservatory

Let’s begin with a totally random note. This is the one-thousand and twenty-second entry I’ve input into this funky little journaling program I use. This includes all the old entries I wrote before I started using this software, all the entries I’ve written since, and all the archival entries which I’ve continued to add like mad over the past two weeks. I think that’s quite impressive and I feel like I’m getting ever closer to my goal of telling the whole story right here on the webpage.

Today I had to write about some particularly difficult times at the end of my sophomore year of college. I didn’t get depressed though. That’s the benefit of writing right after I’ve worked out. The adrenaline is still pumping and I feel good and nothing can bring me down.

Worry did eventually catch up with me at dinner though, when Stephanie pushed her food aside because she felt a little queasy. We won’t even get into the implications of what went through my imaginative little brain when she said that.

Even before Stephanie’s nauseousness, the day was a rough one. I really struggled to get through it without falling asleep. Work wasn’t any harder than usual. It was just that this new schedule of mine was finally catching up to me. I’m up at 6 AM writing and I’m not going to bed until 10:30 PM. My day is filled with writing, writing, exercizing, and more writing. It takes a lot of brain power.

I’m also getting really hungry at around ten in the morning every day, even though I have a bowl of cereal for breakfast every day. I find it hard to avoid the goodie table during the long period between when my stomach first starts growling and when I take lunch.

But I’m getting through. That’s the whole point of it all. Now, if only my damn arm would stop hurting where they poked the needle into my yesterday…