A New Hope

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

I began a tradition of going to see movies by myself one late night in March 1997. By this point all three of the Star Wars films had been re-released to the theaters as “Special Editions.” I had seen Empire Strikes Back in February with the whole of the Geek Force. I hadn’t seen A New Hope yet. Return of the Jedi had just been released. You would think I would’ve gone to see ROTJ, right? Wrong.

I went to a showing of A New Hope at the Lawrence Showcase Cinemas and I had the whole theater to myself, except for a couple of guys who sat in for the first fifteen minutes and then left. I think they might have been employees. The show wasn’t a midnight show but it was close.

I was really tired and even though it was Star Wars, I barely made it through the whole thing. Then I went back to Bradford and went to sleep.

I mention this because you should realize that some of my favorite activities involve me doing shit alone. As much of a social animal as I am (I really do crave attention… you might even go so far as to call me an attention hog) being alone is the only way for me to really figure shit out.

I don’t think I figured any shit out watching A New Hope that night, but I did have a good time.