The 4th Floor

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

I visited the fourth floor of Tupelo East a lot in the latter part of 1996 and the beginning of 1997. Everyone I wanted to hang out with lived there anyway. There was Rachael and Jimmy (If I recall correctly) and there were new friends like Kerry, Nikki, and Heather T. I suppose my budding crush on Heather brought me there too, but mostly I went to hang out with Rachael. She was my best friend on Earth.

The fourth floor did seem like it’s own little clique though. And there was a lot of melodrama there as well. At different points during the semester there were people who weren’t talking to each other and then they were the best of friends and then they weren’t talking again. It was the perfect place for a melodramatic boy like me to feel free to let my freak flag fly.

I don’t recall there ever being any real reason for me to be over there. It’s just where I wandered when I had nothing better to do. Lord knows that Cluster A, where I lived that year, wasn’t any damn fun. We lived in the same building as the RD. Nothing wild or even remotely fun ever happened there. The people we lived with… I don’t even remember who they were except for a girl named Claudien upstairs and Edwin, who Russel and I had lived next door to the previous year, who lived next to us again.

Anyway, I’m off the point as I so often am. The point is that I hung out at the tupes an awful lot and they didn’t seem to mind, at least until I made a major mistake.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…