Boring Recap Entry #6547

So, I saw Hulk and it was okay. It was very psychological and the editing was very comic-book like and the CG version of the Hulk was very believable, the best computer graphics I’ve yet seen. It was just before midnight when the movie got out and I wandered next door to Borders to get my copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was not to be as simple as I’d planned though.

The store was packed like a proverbial, cliched can of sardines. I would have stayed but to make matters worse a store clerk informed me that if I hadn’t preordered the book I was out of luck. So, I left.

The ensuing quest to find me a copy of the book would take me from Methuen to the Barnes & Noble in Salem, NH where a fire truck and ambulance sat just in case anything went wrong with the crowd that stretched halfway around the building and was at least three to four people thick in places. It would then take me to Acton, MA where I’d heard Willow Books (the same store that stocks my book) was having a party. By the time I got there the party was over and they were closed up though. In a final bit of desperation, I drove all the way back up to Salem, stopped quickly at the Barnes & Noble which was now line-free but wasn’t letting anyone else in, and then went to the 24-hour Wal-Mart down the road. Why I hadn’t thought of that in the first place is beyond me.

I got my copy of the book at the Wal-Mart, at Register 18 where they were hording all of their copies, and after flipping through the first couple of pages and checking to make sure it wasn’t some counterfeit or Wal-Mart Edited copy (like they do with their CDs), I headed home.

This morning I woke in a lovey-dubby mood and Stephanie and I sat in bed discussing our dream house in Maine and how much love I was feeling for her for some strange reason and then we got up and headed out for lunch. (Somewhere in the morning I also found the time to finish reading the Andre Dubus collection I’d been reading and it was fabulous).

After getting a little lost in Concord, we eventually made our way to Walden Pond (is it Walden or Waldon? I don’t really feel like looking it up…) and we ate lunch on the beach and I read the first chapter of the new Potter book before it started to get overcast and we decided to head out. We stopped by Willow Books in Acton (which was on our way home) and I checked to see how many copies of my book were still on the shelf and then we grabbed ice cream at Sully’s in North Chelmsford.

The rest of the evening was more reading and English muffin pizzas and too much watching of Trading Spaces, a show on TLC which Stephanie loves and I’m not really into.