The Order of the Speedwrites

Today, after I did the laundry and Stephanie did the groceries, we both did a great deal of reading. That time spent devouring Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix has brought me to page 307. I was never a speed reader in my past, but over the last two years I have become particularly adept at plowing through books in short periods. It is as if I am making up for lost time, for all the books I should have been reading when I was wasting time with other, less writerly, pursuits.

I’d like to speak for a moment on something else though, if I might. There really isn’t much else to say about today besides the reading and besides, daily recap entries are becoming quite boring to me. The thing that I’d like to talk about is digital cameras and how much I would like to own one.

First off, Stephanie and I own a high-quality inkjet printer. It was developed specifically to print photos and other coolness. It even has built-in card readers that allow you to take the memory out of your digital camera and plug it right in to download your photos. We’ve owned the printer for well over a year now but we’ve never gone out and bought that digital camera I’ve been after.

Second off, as far as I know the great pictures that JonMartin has been taking and posting on his site lately were taken with a digital camera. He’ll come by and correct me if I’m wrong. Regardless, I would love to have a digital camera because it would allow me to post visual representations of my life to this journal just as easily as I am able to add textual elements.

Lastly, I just think I would take more photos with a digital camera. The photos take up less physical space on a hard drive than a box of photos do. And, if I take a crappy shot I can get rid of it right there instead of waiting till I have the damned things developed.

Oh, and I found a copy of Mallrats on DVD for $19.99 today on Stephanie and I’s brief excursion to Salem, NH. I simply had to buy it, even though I already have a copy of VHS, because it was so cheap, or at least cheaper than I’ve ever seen it. That makes Clerks the last Kevin Smith flick I don’t own on DVD. I’m waiting for the 10th anniversary edition of that one though. Kev’s been promising that for a while and I can wait.

For somethings (very few things actually) I do have a small bit of patience.